Monday, 8 February 2010

Tom Roper's work desk 8 February 2010

By way of contrast, here's my desk at work.

It's bleak and ugly. The computer tyrannises the space, and squats between me and whoever might be unfortunate enough to have to sit opposite. If I had the imagination, I might think of ways to make this space more human, but it's beyond me. The difference between this and disorder of my desk at home, my view of garden and sea, are a large part of the discontent I feel at the moment.

It's part of a new building, opened this autumn. As with all new buildings, we tell the world breathlessly how 'state-of-the-art' it is. In truth, it's a shed, with furniture.


  1. Tom, how hideous, I do sympathise. Thank the Lord Basil Spence isn't around to see it.

    I have rather cheekily enlarged your photo - I hope you don't mind...?


  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Thanks a lot for dealing with the photo, just the thing.
    Yes, I don't know what Spence would have made of this. Once heard one of Spence's team, Anthony Blee, talk about UoS

  4. How does one do the "click here to enlarge this picture"? I could do with it on the colour blog. Sascha x

  5. Sorry, the click here injunction applied before Cockatrice kindly adjusted the picture. I've removed it now.
    I'm glad the carpet appeals. I can't say I'm that fond of it. Each floor has been given a colour that is supposed to indicate the subjects stocked there, and that colour is used in the furnishings and carpet. My office is on the floor where business studies, creative industries, hair and beauty and construction live....but you could tell that from the carpet, couldn't you?