Thursday, 4 February 2010

Leila McKellar's desk on 4th February 2010

Click on piccy to enlarge.  

Completely uncensored: my sitting room table - which I have only just realised actually IS a writing desk. This reflects the maxim by which I live my life: a place for everything and everything in random piles that I have to rifle though and swear at on a regular basis.

Notable items among the clutter include the fabulous shoe calendar (a Christmas present from my aunt. Open on the wrong day, natch); the button bracelet made by my lovely friend Rachael; silk poppies, a pressie from Mrs H; Tour Eiffel earrings.

My favourite item on this table is the pencil drawing of me, which was drawn by my mum last week. I love the way the big sleeves of my cardigan make me look like a Victorian lady.

The pile of random stuff including obsolete mouse and hands-free is waiting to be freecycled. Any takers?


  1. Do you really have flowers scattered randomly on your desk? I call that February escapism. x

  2. Haha, actually yes! Sadly they're not real...