Saturday, 10 April 2010

At last

Here, at last, is Virginia Woolf's desk, behind glass, so I fear the photograph is not the best. I bet that Eamonn McCabe was allowed the other side of the glass. Note the objects on the desk: some files, some pencils, daffodils, a pair of spectacles. Would that my own desk looked like this. I should like to dedicate this afternoon's performance to Sascha Loske.

For more photographs taken at Monk's House this afternoon, see I made friends with the cat.


Sunday, 4 April 2010


I promised Sascha Loske I would be at Rodmell to take a photograph of Virginia Woolf's desk the day Monk's House opened for the spring, that is yesterday. So I was, but I turned up to find it doesn't open till 2 pm. I should have known something was wrong: there were no crowds of Woolfians thronging the village and I could park nearby easily. I couldn't stay to wait for 2, so I shall have to return on Wednesday. Until then I offer you the Guardian's description of that famous shed, text by Hermione Lee and illustrated with a photograph by Eamonn McCabe.

A footnote: Hermione Lee writes prose many thousand times more elegant, intelligent and clear than I could ever manage, but don't you think when she writes 'store' she means 'stove'?