Saturday, 10 April 2010

At last

Here, at last, is Virginia Woolf's desk, behind glass, so I fear the photograph is not the best. I bet that Eamonn McCabe was allowed the other side of the glass. Note the objects on the desk: some files, some pencils, daffodils, a pair of spectacles. Would that my own desk looked like this. I should like to dedicate this afternoon's performance to Sascha Loske.

For more photographs taken at Monk's House this afternoon, see I made friends with the cat.



  1. Oh, I am touched. I am only just catching up with the online world and am working on a new colour blog post. Why didn't you call me? We could perhaps have met up there. I have a picture of me as a student, ca. 1994, at Monks House. Will try and dig it out. In the meantime, let's make plans to go back there when all the apples are ripe. The garden looks quite magical in late summer.

  2. Should have let you know. But the magnolias and tulips will be out very soon, and the apple blossom too, so a visit earlier than late summer could be rewarding.

  3. PS the train seems to think we're in Germany and I have just been told Ihr Kommentar wurde veröffentlicht