Friday, 16 July 2010

Cows, croissants and chili plants - Sascha's desk in summer

It's summer, it's busy and the office desk reflects that. Mini Jaffa-cakes AND a croissant (the second one this morning) show that I am desperately in need of a holiday. Elsewhere there is book on Schopenhauer which was up for grabs in one of the academic corridors yesterday. This is what I like about working at a university. You go to the ladies and come back with a biography of Schopenhauer, most likely signed by the author or translator. I am growing chili plants in my office, there is a small cow on my computer and a picture of my dear colleague Robin, who died last month. I feel very privileged to have inherited his office mug (by the telephone), from Glyndebourne season 2009. In a post-modern twist the very blog you are reading right now can be seen on the monitor.