Monday, 10 May 2010

A desk in Brighton's Kremlin

Not much activity on the Desk Diaries blog recently, so I thought I'd get things started again.
I am very happy because for this whole week I have that fabulous office at the north end of the Royal Pavilion at my disposal again where I spent the strange but very inspiring first year of my doctoral research. It is the old director's office and still houses the main Pavilion reference library. Many of the books have the names of previous directors of the Pavilion in them. They are the ghosts of people who worked and researched in the building.

I love the spaciousness of the room, the mild chaos, its relative timelessness. In the absence of a director I had unlimited use of the office and the old wooden desk (now no longer there) for over a year,  and spent it working my way through the archives and library and gazing through the large windows a lot of the time. The person who now works there is away for a week and I can use it again. Utter bliss. I didn't bring my camera today, so this picture is from the time when I was based there in 2008.