Thursday, 4 February 2010

Sascha Loske's desk on 24 January 2009 and 2010

My desk on 24 January 2009 (top) and 24 January 2010 (bottom).

As usual a complete mess. Note the bright red calfskin gloves, an heirloom from Auntie Traudel. I lost my black gloves in Morrison's last week, so now it's red gloves for the rest of the ice-age. Propped up on the desk a print from 1850 called "Winter" by a little known artist/engraver. It i...s in a terrible state but for £10 at a flea market you cannot complain, and I think the lady is worth saving. I have since cleaned her up a little bit and decided to leave her in her original frame, despite its battered state. The morbidity is quite fitting for a high-Victorian artwork.

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