Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Sacha Loske: Two owls and a pussycat

My partner has a habit of giving me owls. His children also give them to him, so there is a high decorative owl population in our house. My classic Wade owl (left) was last week joined by a near twin in a shade I have never seen before in a Wade owl. They make a nice pair on my Swedish desk and oversee my work. Also visible here my late uncle's 1960s wind-up watch, a vintage holepunch and lots of DUST. Below a picture of the same desk in 1998, complete with pussycat and sans computer.

My Swedish desk in February 2010, with the new Wade owl in a strange shade.

The Swedish desk in Brighton, ca. 1998, when my fat white cat was small and fluffy. Note that there is no computer on it. I recognise a fountain pen and a silver pocket watch a friend once gave me, as well as two odd volumes of a late 18th century edition of Joshua Reynolds' Seven Discourses of Art.

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  1. Do they buy you owls because you are wise? That cat is the cutest.